Our Mission

Our Mission is very clear and simple: - 

  • To work with God to fulfil His purposes in the earth
  • To go wherever He tells us to go
  • To do whatever He tells us to do
  • To preach the Gospel in all the nations
  • To bring sound Biblical teaching and make disciples
  • To allow the glory of God to be seen in greater measure
  • To teach people how to be a carrier of the fire of God

Out of intimacy:-

  • Leading people to prophesy, see visions and dream dreams (Acts 2:17 - 18) and encourage people to walk in the Spiritual giftings
  • Sozo
  • Worship
  • The Gospel
  • Family - training children in the way they should go
  • Healing
  • Teaching the Word
  • Making disciples
  • Mission - wherever God tells us to go
  • Obedience - doing what we see the Father doing
  • Holy Spirit saving the lost
  • Gather the great harvest that is coming

Afternoon Teas

You are invited to our Vintage Afternoon Teas with a selection of homemade cakes.

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Weekly Meetings

You are invited to our Sunday Meetings at the Swindon Community Centre, High Street, Swindon, DY3 4NR at 10:30pm.

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Need Ministry?

If you would like ministry from us for healing, relationships or if you would like us to come and speak at your church please contact us.

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